It's A Struggle

Text: John 6:67
So Jesus asked the twelve, ‘Do you also wish to go away?’

Jesus’ teachings are not always easy.  There are times when what we hear Jesus say plainly causes us to wonder if we can keep up with that which he calls us to do and be. Love our enemies, pray for those who persecute us, turn the other cheek may be just a few of those teachings.

There are other teachings, however, that may cause us to wonder if we want to keep up; they may cause us to simply want to go away.  This is what was going on just before we hear Jesus ask “The Twelve” if they also wished to go away.  Jesus had been talking about the fact that he is the bread of life and then he told those around him that in order to have life, they had to eat his flesh and drink his blood.  Certainly not an easy thing to hear prior to our current understanding of The Lord’s Supper.  From that point on, many stopped following Jesus, it was just too much for them.  And, in so doing, they lost the opportunities afforded those who walk with Jesus.

Are there things that you hear Jesus say that make you wonder if you want to maintain your relationship with him?  Are there things that make you wonder if it is really worth the risk?  My guess is that if we are honest, we all have things that Jesus has called us to do that make us uncomfortable.  Some of these things we may have simply misunderstood like, eating his flesh and drinking his blood.  Others of these things we are simply not spiritually strong enough to do like, praying for our enemies and turning the other cheek.  Other’s of these things we might simply ignore like, giving food and drink to the hungry and thirsty, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, visiting those in prison.

What is it that you struggle with when you hear Jesus’ teachings?  How will you overcome your struggle?  When Jesus asks you, “Do you also wish to go away?”, how will you answer?

Pray with me:

Jesus, it is not always, or even often, easy to follow where you want me to go.  Give me the courage I need to give myself away as I serve you by serving others and love you by loving all.  AMEN.

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