Let it Go

Text: 1 Peter 5:7
Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you. (NRSV)

One thing we can all be certain of is God’s love for us as witnessed in Jesus.  If God was that proverbial watchmaker who wound up the universe like one big clock and then just left it to tick-down until the mainspring could no longer push against the resistance of the cogs, then God would have never come to us in the person of Jesus.

Jesus came for the expressed purpose of setting our lives right.  Jesus came that we might fulfill our created purpose of receiving and giving love; love from and to God and love from and to one another.  God’s love is what created and God’s love for us is what seeks to heal us from the deadly bondage to sin which impairs our ability love.

If all the above is true, and I believe it is, then God cares about our daily lives too.  How could one love so much as to create and then do everything necessary to heal the sin of the world caused by an ungrateful people and not care about our daily lives?  God cares about the things that bring you worry and anxiety.  God want’s you to come into his presence and release your fears and your frustrations to him.  In fact, isn’t that a great description of a loving relationship.  One in which you are free to sit with the Other with no pretense, because the Other knows you so well to begin with, and then unload your burdens knowing that there will be no judgement only loving understanding.

What worry do you have this day?  Go into God’s presence and release it to him.  What keeps you up at night?  Go into God’s presence and release it to him.  What is it that you are hiding because you are afraid if you tell another person they will judge you?  Go into God’s presence and release it to the One who loves you unconditionally.

Pray with me:

God of love, God of forgiveness, God of understanding draw me closer to you when my worries, fears, and concerns seek to rob me of the life you want for me.  Grant me the courage to release all my anxieties to you in the knowledge that you care for me.  AMEN.

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