Text: Luke 5:11
When they had brought their boats to shore, they left everything and followed him. (NRSV)

I don’t remember when I first realized what this verse was actually revealing.  Peter, James, and John, which Luke tells us in verse 10, are partners in a fishing business, decide to walk away from the livelihood, which is probably supporting, not only them, but their families as well, to follow Jesus.  This on top of the fact that there is NO money in becoming the disciples of an itinerant rabbi.  They knew that Jesus’ connection with God was so profound that to join him was worth more than anything the world had to offer them.

Wow!  And I have trouble getting myself to read the Bible every day.  What am I willing to give up to know Jesus better?  How do my priorities for each day or each month line up with what Peter, James, and John found so important in being with Jesus?  Do I really understand how important my relationship with Jesus is, and if so, what can I change about how I live my life now that will allow me to follow Jesus better?

Pray with me:

God of love and God of life awaken me to the importance of following your Son Jesus.  Give me the insight and the courage to rearrange the priorities in my life that Jesus might take first place in all that I do.  AMEN.

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