Throw a Party!

Text: Luke 5:29
Then Levi gave a great banquet for him in his house; and there was a large crowd of tax-collectors and others sitting at the table with them. (NRSV)

Levi the tax-collector from our text yesterday has been invited by Jesus to be one of his disciples.  As we said yesterday, Levi was no doubt an outcast due to his chosen profession as were his friends.

What I love about today’s text is that Levi is so transformed by his new relationship with Jesus that he has invited his friends to celebrate with him at what is described as a banquet.  In fact, this is not just a dinner party for a few friends, the text tells us that “Levi gave a GREAT banquet for [Jesus] in his house; and there was a LARGE CROWD of tax-collectors…”  Obviously, I added the emphasis to the quote to point out the extravagant response of Levi who had just received the extravagant love of God through Jesus’ invitation to be part of his community of followers.

How do I respond to the love of God who has called me into community with him through Jesus?  Do I get so excited that I call my friends from work to come meet Jesus at a party celebrating my newfound life?  Do I talk excitedly about how my relationship with God has changed my priorities and my worldview?  Do I want for others who have been suffering the same kind of brokenness I had been suffering, the same opportunity to be loved as I am now loved?

Our relationship with Jesus was never meant to be kept as a secret for just us.  Our relationship with Jesus was always meant to be the doorway for others to enter into the same kind of life changing relationship we have found.  Throw a party and invite your friends to meet Jesus so that they too might know the love of God you have found for yourself.

Pray with me.

God of love who has loved me in the midst of my brokenness give me the courage to share your love with others who have suffered the same kind of brokenness I have suffered that they too might be loved into wholeness through your Son, Jesus.  AMEN.

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