Lisa in Romania

Hello, everyone!  This week's devotion comes from Lisa Whitaker while she was doing God's work in Romania!  Lisa is a missionary from our church who teaches people all over the world about God.  She is a great example of a good Christian witness.  In this devotion (which also comes in video form by clicking here:, Lisa interviews a couple that she was working with in Craiova, Romania.  If you can't watch the video, here is the transcript of the whole video.  Enjoy!

Thank you so much, Lisa!

- Reverend Dave

Hi everyone, this is Lisa.  I am doing this devotion and video from Romania; Craiova, Romania, which is actually in the Southern part very close to Bulgaria.  I’m here with a couple friends, Damaris and Danny, they are husband and wife, and they are the BTS leaders here in Craiova.  So, I thought just for a different kind of devotion, I would ask them to share a little bit.  I was just here for a week and did some staff training with their team and I just asked them to share a little bit about what they learned or what the week meant to them.

Danny:  This week we learned from Lisa about how to lead the school, how to see more quality and how to invest in people and to be guided by the Holy Spirit in everything we do and to pray to God.  If we don’t know something, ask Him and to invest in people with more quality.

Damaris: We are very blessed to have Lisa with us.  We really felt the love and the passion that she has when she is teaching about BTS.  We really enjoyed it and I really like that our staff group is now more united and the power and strength to grow together for the next BTS.  So, thank you so much for sending us Lisa.

Lisa:  So, this is the type of amazing people that I meet when I am traveling.  This is my first time meeting Damaris and Danny but I’m sure it’s not the last time.  They are a newly married couple, married 3 years; they spent their third anniversary with me which was probably not the most exciting thing!  But they are expecting a little baby next year, so next time I come to visit them, I get to see their little baby and watch their family grow.  I just want you guys to know that as you invest in me, and I get to invest in them, and they invest in the Romanians, our little church in Absecon is blessing many nations.  So, I just want to say “thank you” and I am so glad that you guys can meet these two.  They are friends of me and really quality people.  We have hope for the future because of people like Danny and Damaris.  Take care, church, love you!

- Lisa Whitaker 

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