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This week's devotion comes from Debby Bailey.  Debby and her husband, Skip, are members of our church who have continued to worship and serve with us virtually even after moving to Florida.  Thank you, Lord, for the technology that keeps us connected!  Let's reflect together on what we are really made of, and who we are made by!

- Reverend Dave


Have you ever gone into a grocery store and been drawn to a mouth-watering container of mixed berry juice with luscious strawberries, blueberries and blackberries glistening on the label?

Did you pick it off the shelf and turn it around to read the contents, only to find that those glistening berries were only a mirage?  Just in case you are not aware, the contents are listed in the order in which has the largest content percentage.  This means that this juice contains mostly water and sugar on down to the least percentage of berry flavorings!  What a disappointment.

Is this how we look to God and others?  Our outside cover reflects all the good we want people to see while our inner self has doubts, secrets and false pride.  Many of us put up “a good front” and try to show ourselves as we want to be, but know that when we take inventory, we fall short.  God is there to guide us and encourage us, along with our church family who offer encouragement and set examples for us to follow.
When we accept the wafer and the juice, let us truly absorb the body and blood of Christ, and beg Him to grow inside of us to make us the person He wants us to be.  Let us each reflect on ourselves and make sure we are living up to the standard we expect when reading the contents.

Let’s be sure that what you see is what you get and that it is foremost pleasing to God.

- Debby Bailey

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