Get In the Barn!

Hello, friends! Today's devotion comes from Linda Babcock. Linda is a faithful member of our church who uses the gifts God has given her to enhance the ministries of our church. She is a dedicated church Treasurer and member of our Senior Choir. We give thanks to God for Linda, her gifts, and her willingness to give us a devotion this week.

Reverend Dave


"God is our Maker, our Creator.  We are the people God watches over, the sheep under God’s care. " (Psalm 95:6-11)

My mother and step-dad (when they were both in their 80’s and in failing health) raised sheep for many years.  They had a small flock of 15-20 mature sheep and every winter, the flock at least doubled during lambing season, usually as soon as the weather turned icy and snowy.  Today’s scripture passage speaks about how Israel’s hearts were hardened, how the people tried God’s patience and made God angry by refusing to do what God told them.  This reminds me of Mom’s sheep.  If only they would have listened to Mom and Paul; if only they would have come into the barn when it was bitter cold outside; if only they would have their lambs inside instead of far away in the hidden corners of the property where someone had to go out in the storm to search for them; if only they would have done what Paul knew was best for them.
Of course, they couldn’t reason this out for themselves.  They trusted Mom and Paul to do what needed to be done – and they knew Paul’s voice and his crooked walk when he went out to the barn to put more hay in their feeding troughs and make sure the water pipes were not frozen up.  When they saw him coming outside, one of them always recognized Paul and then they pushed each other out of the way to get to the barn first because they somehow knew that he would take care of them.

Let’s “push each other into the barn” to worship and bow down to God during this summer season.  We are the people God watches over, the sheep under God’s care.  Take time to be still and listen to God’s voice.

- Linda Babcock

Keep an eye on us, Your Church, O Lord, with your unfailing patience and forgiveness.  You know we cannot maintain ourselves without your help.  We trust You to protect us from danger and keep calling us together to kneel before You in worship and to hear Your voice.  In the name of The Lamb, Jesus Christ.  Amen.

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