A New Creation?

This poem originally appeared on author John Roedel’s Facebook page.  


This morning I took a slow walk among
the BLOOMING Wyoming wildflowers
I asked God to make me
a new creation
softly, God kissed my forehead
with sunshine and said
"I already did that on the
day you were born."
we sat and watched a red hummingbird
DANCE between purple petals
and God held my hand in the
breeze and whispered
"You don't have to change into something new
to become a gift to the world."
I sat in silence on the grass for a bit longer
watching creation UNFOLD like a blanket
all around me
all around me
creation was all around me
and then it came to me
that despite how little I think of myself that
I am a part of this creation
I am not accident
I am not a collection of random particles
I was created by an artist beyond my understanding
I just need the courage
to bloom
to dance
to unfold
the way I was created to be
God caught my tears
with that I fell into a pocket of grace
and knew that I was loved
we don't need to become something new
we just need to remember who we were already
created to be
you were created
to change
this world
don't wait other second
take courage and remember
the creation you were made to be

- John Roedel

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