So Sure

Today’s devotion comes to us via Leigh McLeroy.

A friend told me that her son, about to enter kindergarten, was anxious about his first day at a new school. He'd had a great time in preschool with friends--but this was a new routine and a place where he knew no one.
On a Sunday morning I walked by his Sunday school class and ducked in to say hello.
"Hey B.," I said, I hear your new school starts tomorrow." He nodded in the affirmative, but not too enthusiastically.
"Did you know your new school is just around the corner from my house?" I asked him. He did.  
 "Well," I said, "Now every time I go past your school I'm going to be thinking of you and hoping that you're having a good day." He smiled a little and continued putting away toys. I didn't give it another thought. Until his mom texted me to say that he'd told her later "Miss Leigh said every time she passes by my school she will wish I have a good day," and that it made him happy.
I thought she was just being sweet, because that's the way she is. But it turns out her little guy actually listened, and took me at my word. In fact, on the evening of his first day of school, B. asked his mom what color my car was. When she asked why he wanted to know he told her: "In case she is passing by wishing me a good day while I am outside at recess, I want to wave to her."
You know what I love about that? I made a simple promise, and the recipient of that promise took me at my word. He believed me. I'm not sure what I've done to earn that trust, but you can bet I'm not about to squander it. B.'s school is not exactly on my normal "route" when I leave my house, but I've already driven the few blocks out of the way to see it and prayed that he was, indeed, having a good day, along with his little sister at her brand-new preschool. After all, I gave my word.
I love, too, that it didn't seem unreasonable to B. that I would think of him often, remember him. After all, I'm a grown up, and I said that I would.
So I've been thinking about B., and about me, too. My heavenly Father has promised to remember me. He's engraved my name on the palms of his hands, He saves my tears in a bottle, He's called me His own and adopted me forever through the blood-bought sacrifice of His only Son.
He's as good as His word, and I can be sure, so sure, of Him.

- Leigh McLeroy

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