Transforming Our Communities and Ourselves

Today's devotion was written by Donna Hill.  Donna grew up here at AUMC and has worn many, many hats throughout the years.  Currently she serves on the Board of Trustees, and Church Council (representing Witness Ministries).  


After hearing Reverend Dave’s message on Sunday, October 9, I took away 4 points: Planting Seeds of Hope, Bringing the Kingdom of God to All, Putting Words into Action and Discerning What We Can do to be a part of the Transformation.

God’s plan was dovetailing right into what I was planning to do after church, delivering 6 “Welcome to the Neighborhood” bags. Even though I am a very outgoing person, I still get butterflies and experience anxiety going to a new neighborhood and knocking on a stranger’s door. I am Donna “Directionally Dysfunctional” and must rely on GPS not my own instinct which leads me in the wrong direction.

So with my GPS loaded with the first address, I must trust God Placing me in the Situation – GPS with where He wants me to be.

I use the Ring doorbell, standing there with a nervous smile and the bag, knowing they can see me and are deciding whether or not to open the door. Anxiety builds, words tumble in my brain. The door opens with a new mother and a very new baby! I am transformed. God gives me the words. I am the one changed by the visit.

Next stop –relying on God Putting me in the Situation (GPS) I get to the next address and knock. I am met with the sound of very large dogs announcing me. They make conversation challenging with the new homeowner but he hears “Absecon United Methodist Church.” He remembers attending as child. I respond “we’d love to have you bring your family.”

I am transformed and encouraged by these visits. The people are pleased at being “Welcomed to the Neighborhood.” Information about the church and its activities is given along with an invitation to join us in worship.

God is calling each of us to use our gifts and talents in different ways. Let’s put our faith into action and be open to using GPS.

- Donna Hill

Today’s Prayer
Encourage and empower us, O Lord, to recognize our talents and then to put them to good use.  May we use them to reach out to others in your loving name.  Amen.

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